Losing LeBron - Page 31 of 31 - A Documentary Feature

Hello everyone!!

We launched Kickstarter at 5:30pm last night. We’re hoping to raise $10,000 in 29 days. This is the minimum amount we need to cover our production expenses (transportation, lodging, equipment, etc.), and the cost of 50 HD Flip Cams that we will be handing out to selected Cleveland participants. The more money we raise, the more time we can spend shooting in Cleveland and helping to discover and share all its hidden gems!

Here’s how you can help!

  • email your friends!
  • send the link to our Kickstarter page to everyone you know!
  • tweet! (retweet!)
  • repost our trailer on Facebook!
  • Most importantly, spread word about our goals and deadline (!!) to your friends, your family, and anyone who might have a Cleveland connection or be interested in this project. (Anything helps!)

And if you’d like to help out, check out our fabulous awards we’re giving out for funders. T-shirts! DVDs! Cameras! Photo shoots! Food!

Thanks for all your support!